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Eddie Money along with Bryan Adams and Billy Squier had a solo career during the 1980s with several great songs that are staples of classic rock radio. Instead of going straight into music, though, like the other two, Eddie Money’s original ambition was to become a cop through a police academy. However, he soon dropped that idea and instead decided to have a music career with a great couple of albums. He’s supposed to be a really nice, down to earth guy for a rock star, too, which makes me like him even more.

10. Looking Through the Eyes of a Child: A song with an interesting, youthful perspective.

9. Peace In Our Time: An encouraging song.

8. Where’s the Party? Kind of an unintentionally funny song, actually, because the whole time Eddie Money seems to be looking for a party and has trouble finding it.

7. We Should Be Sleeping: A sexy song with a great guitar riff.

6. No Control: A song with a really catchy chorus.

5. I Think I’m In Love: A rocking, romantic song.

4. Baby, Hold On: A classic rock radio staple.

3. Shaking: A sexy, rocking song with a great intro.

2. Two Tickets To Paradise: This song just recently showed up in a car commercial. It’s definitely one of Eddie Money’s best known songs. Since Eddie Money was part of a police academy before he decided to become a rock star instead, I like to sometimes retitle this song as Two Parking Tickets To Paradise.

1. Take Me Home Tonight: An incredibly emotional, romantic song with one of the best choruses I have ever heard. There is so much passion behind Eddie Money’s vocals for this song that this 1980s pop song about the typical kind of thing actually comes across as being incredibly powerful and memorable.