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Arena rock is what gets a lot of people interested in classic rock and roll in the first place. It’s definitive and memorable. Foreigner was one of the biggest 1970s arena rock groups with their first four albums in a row all doing pretty well. Boston had one of the best arena rock albums of the 1970s, but declined shortly afterwards because they were too ambitious and perfectionistic. REO Speedwagon and Styx both were in obscurity for a while until they both changed their style a little bit and became more successful.

10. Fooling Yourself by Styx: An encouraging song about being more positive.

9. Peace of Mind by Boston: An encouraging song about not having to worry.

8. Keep Pushing by REO Speedwagon: An encouraging song about persevering despite hardship.

7. Double Vision by Foreigner: A rocking song about seeing double, probably because of alcoholism.

6. Grand Illusion by Styx: An encouraging song about how you have it probably just as good as other people.

5. Long Time by Boston: A long song with a two minute long guitar intro.

4. Riding the Storm Out by REO Speedwagon: Another song about moving forward despite trouble. REO Speedwagon seemed to be all about progress and never giving up.

3. Feels Like the First Time by Foreigner: An enthusiastic song about how it seems like the first time for doing something.

2. Blue Collar Man by Styx: One of the best working man anthems ever.

1. More Than a Feeling by Boston: A nostalgic song about remembering times long past. This song is for many people the song that gets them into classic rock and arena rock and many people have a strong emotional connection with this song.