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Top Ten Favorite Japanese Animated Shows: #9 Utawarerumono

Utawarerumono is about a man with a mask stuck to his face named Hakuoro who has amnesia but joins a small town and becomes friends with a couple of the villagers. He finds out the that town is not only in danger from a tiger, who he quickly helps to defeat, the town has a bigger problem with oppression from a bad king. He leads the town and other oppressed people in rebellion against the king. Not only do they manage to defeat the king of their territory, they also begin to expand and Hakuoro picks up more and more allies along the way.

It’s a lot like Gurren Lagann in that some people are oppressed by they over throw their oppressors, expand more and more with their territory and pick up many interesting characters along the way with not too much of a let up in the pace for development.

Utawarerumono has another creative world like Bleach and lots of interesting characters like Bleach. The action is toned down a lot with nobody having ridiculous super powers, which makes it a little more relatable in that respect. It also moves along at a much better pace than Bleach does. While Bleach can sometimes last forever with one single fight, Utawarerumono settles its battles quickly and skips on to the next thing. This makes it more engaging while you’re actually watching it.

However, this leaves for little room with fleshing out the series, so it’ll be much better when you watch it than you will remembering it years later. This is also a great explanation for why Utawarerumon is the only anime in my top ten list not to place on any of my other lists for best male character, female character, villain or theme song. It’s good but I feel like I need to watch it again to actually remember what happened in the first place.