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Hard rock was definitely biggest during the 1970s before it proceeded into metal during the 1980s. Hard rock mammoths from the 1970s were AC/DC, Aerosmith and Bad Company. While  both AC/DC and Bad Company lost their great lead vocalists, had them replaced and then declined during the 1980s, Aerosmith had a battle with drugs, recovered and ended up going even stronger than ever with great albums such as Pump and Permanent Vacation. During the 1980s hard rock had some decent representation still with artists such as Billy Squier and Pat Benatar representing the women. I also threw in a couple of punk artists since I usually kind of lump hard rock and punk together despite punk rock being less technical, more frenetic and more controversial than hard rock. Billy Idol was probably one of the greatest punk rock artists during the 1980s while Joan Jett continued on from the Runaways during the 1980s and represented the women in the punk rock category as probably the queen of punk rock.

10. Highway To Hell by AC/DC: Ironically, one of the last songs the lead vocalist of AC/DC sang before he died.

9. Can’t Get Enough by Bad Company: A rocking song with a great guitar solo about wanting somebody to love.

8. Other Side by Aerosmith: A rocking song from Aerosmith during the 1980s from one of their great albums that proved they were just as good if not better during the 1980s than they were during the 1970s.

7. Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar: A great rock and roll anthem for women who had taken enough shit and were ready to fight back.

6. Lonely Is the Night by Billy Squier: A brooding song about wanting love and how somebody out there might be just as desperate as you are.

5. Rebel Yell by Billy Idol: A sexy song that isn’t about the Confederacy.

4. I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett: A great rock and roll anthem from a female rocker.

3. Back In Black by AC/DC: A song about AC/DC’s epic come back after losing their first vocalist.

2. Bad Company by Bad Company: The signature song for Bad Company about how Bad they could be and how they had that “six gun sound as their claim to fame”.

1. Same Old Song and Dance by Aerosmith: A working man anthem about putting up with the same old.