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Top Ten Favorite Japanese Animated Shows: #8 Black Cat

Black Cat is about a guy named Train Heartnet who works for a group of assassins known as the Chronos Numbers. Later on he defects from the group after meeting with a girl named Saya who teaches him that there is another way to solve problems besides just killing. Saya is killed shortly later by Train’s admirer and nemesis named Creed and Train along with his friends is hunting down villains for money while trying to stay one step ahead of both the Chronos Numbers and Creed’s organization at the same time, both of which are groups that want to kill Train.

Black Cat has some great characters as well with the main character of Train, Sven for comic relief, the sexy Rinslet and the cute super weapon called Eve. There is a lot of humor in the series, but there is also a lot of great action. It’s a modest, well made anime with some creative ideas for super powers, although it takes place in a much more realistic world than either Bleach or Utawarerumono.