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Top Ten Favorite Japanese Animated Shows: #7 Samurai Champloo

Two samurais get in trouble and are about to be executed but are saved by a young girl with bombs. The girl gets the two samurais who are now in her debt for saving their lives to be her guardians while she sets out on a journey to find her father who left her and her mother at home and is described as a samurai who smells of sun flowers.

Mugen is the first samuria. He is kind of crude, rude and unorthodox with his fighting style, but he does pretty well for himself in battle. Jin is the second samuria and more disciplined of the two, but he has his own dark past as well. Fuu is the girl who gets the two samurais to go along with her on her journey. She is cute and has a flying squirrel she names Momo.

The villains are not very memorable in this series. There are a couple of strong villains in this series, but pretty much none of the characters in this series had particularly good character development in my opinion, particularly the villains, so I can hardly even remember who the villains were.

The action is definitely one of the best parts of this series. It flies fast and furious. There are many good sword fights with the two samurais fighting people with their two different fighting styles.

This anime is kind of dead pan and doesn’t actually have a whole lot of humor, although there are a few funny episodes. One episode they play baseball, another episode they have an eating contest and their weirdest episode by far they eat weird mushrooms, fall through a hole and are attacked by zombies. So there are a few funny episodes, but most of the time I don’t think this anime has much of a sense of humor.

There’s also not a whole lot of fan service in this anime. There is one episode with hot springs where they are all taking baths. However, the only substantial female character in this series is Fuu, who is cute and has large breasts for a girl her age, but there is not much fan service with her because she’s only fifteen years old.

The setting is samurai era Japan, so it’s kind of like Rurouni Kenshin with the time it takes place and the fighting style. What’s truly interesting about this anime is the hip hop influences they throw into it. This anime was made by the same people who made the classic Cowboy Bebop series and they wanted to do the same thing with this show that they did with the musical influences for Cowboy Bebop, so instead of having more classical blues they up dated the musical style, which is ironic because this anime takes place in the past while the more futuristic anime by the creators had more classical music, so it was a reversal.