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Blues rock started during the 1960s with a couple of the best guitarists ever; Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, who was the guitarist for the music group known as Cream. Rolling Stones made a lot of blues rock music during the 1960s as well and were considered one of the best music groups from the decade. The Doors blended psychedelic rock with blues rock. During the 1970s Eric Clapton started off on his long solo career after Cream fell apart because of arguing between the bass player and drummer. A couple of new blues rock groups started such as the classic rock and roll radio hit making machine Steve Miller Band and ZZ Top, which really hit their stride during the 1980s with Eliminator, Afterburner, big beards and classic music videos for MTV. Stevie Ray Vaughan was a short lived guitarist, pun intended, during the 1980s who kept classic blues rock alive while other groups such as ZZ Top had combined blues rock with other music styles that were popular at the time such as new wave.

10. Give Me All of Your Loving by ZZ Top: A sexy rocking song about romance.

9. All Along the Watch Tower by Jimi Hendrix: A creative song that combines old medieval castles with whatever drugs Jimi Hendrix was taking at the time.

8. Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan: A romantic song about someone Stevie Ray Vaughan loved with a great guitar solo showing not only was Stevie Ray Vaughan good at technique and feeling, he could really rock and roll on his guitar, too, when he wanted to.

7. Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band: A popular song that was later covered by another group for the fun movie, Space Jam.

6. Riders of the Storm by the Doors: A long ballad song about people during a storm. There is a lot of atmosphere in this song, which I absolutely love, and it’s nice and soothing, just like a psychedelic song should be.

5. Can’t Get No Satisfaction by Rolling Stones: This song showed up in the movie, Raw Deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was gunning down criminals in a gravel pit.

4. Sunshine of Your Love by Cream: This song was covered by Living Colour and showed up in yet another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called True Lies. However, I definitely like this rocking original more than the newer cover.

3. Pretending by Eric Clapton: A really rocking, disillusioned song with an interesting piano intro.

2. Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top: A great song for looking good during a night out on the town.

1. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix: A song about one of Jimi, Ozzy and Nikki’s favorite things, drugs.