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You can tell from the title that this is going to be a good one. Grunge is probably one of my least favorite genres of rock and roll, but there are some good songs in grunge, mostly from Pearl Jam, the only grunge group I really like, so I will give my top ten for the genre, again mostly because of Pearl Jam. Nirvana and Alice In Chains had some decent songs, too, but I shouldn’t give them too much praise because we all know they probably wouldn’t want it anyway. They started in Seattle during the 1990s and were totally whatever about pretty much everything. There’s probably one of the best descriptions you could make for grunge right there. Anyway, on with the top ten list…

10. Would from Alice In Chains: A nice atmospheric song.

9. Come As You Are by Nirvana: A typical grunge song about acceptance of people whatever they may be like. One good thing about grunge was it reached out to people who seemed to have been trampled down many times in life. I can think of some good examples of that, but won’t mention them. Much as I liked 1980s metal, it was not exactly relatable for people who got beaten up at school all of the time. Those people wanted music that was just as depressing as their current situation was, in other words relatable.

8. Black by Pearl Jam: Black seems like a good color to represent grunge music or maybe grey.

7. Once by Pearl Jam: Once was enough for grunge.

6. Betterman by Pearl Jam: A song about improving yourself, maybe.

5. Rooster by Alice In Chains: A song about a colonel who led his troops into bloody battle and was nick named the Rooster such as the one line, “We’re all going to die/”

4. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana: A song with screeching vocals about teenage rebellion that I’m actually coming to like a little more than I used to.

3. Alive: A song about appreciating what you have because at least you’re alive, which is better than what Jeremy can say, the poor sucker.

2. Jeremy by Pearl Jam: Speaking of Jeremy his little ode makes it to number two on the list. Now this song truly is interesting, actually, because Jeremy is a song about a guy who gets pushed around a lot, somebody many grunge fans could probably relate to. He ends up shooting himself in class, which is actually based on a true story and huge controversy that happened during the 1990s. Quite the dramatic song that makes you think, which is grunge at its absolute best.

1. Even Flow by Pearl Jam: The song that first got me to like Pearl Jam. This song is probably one of the most rocking grunge songs I’ve ever heard. It has a great guitar riff and really atmospheric vocals from a decent grunge vocalist who unlike that one guy from Nirvana did not sound like he’d just been kicked real hard in the nards.