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Top Ten Favorite Japanese Animated Shows: #6 Burst Angel

Burst Angel is about a group of four women who fight and kill monsters in a futuristic version of Tokyo Japan and try to find out where some mysterious glowing brains are coming from. Also, the main character has forgotten most of their past and is trying to find it out. The plot is kind of simple and mostly focused on gun slinging action, but the plot is not the reason you watch this show, it’s more because of the fringe benefits involved.

The main character is a tomboy named Jo. She’s one of the best female characters I have ever seen in an anime, and you can learn more about her if you want to on my top ten females anime list. Meg is her side kick, who always seems to be getting into trouble. Sei is the leader. Amy is their young computer genius. They also have a cook named Kyouhei, but they aren’t really important in this show, so I won’t focus on them too much, except for saying he is one lucky son of a-

The villains in this show are mostly monsters, so they don’t have that much personality, but later on a counter part to Jo shows up named Maria who wants to bring Jo back to their organization. They have a big rivalry between them with them both wanting to prove which one of them is stronger.

The action in this show is definitely one of the high lights. There is a lot of gun slinging action involved. Jo sometimes has fist fights, sometimes has gun fights and sometimes uses her mecha bot named Django, as a reference to a western named Django Unchained, which was remade recently. Occasionally, the other members of the team help her out, although Meg gets captured just as much as she ever seems to actually help.

There is a lot of humor in this show. Despite the dystopian setting, this anime is actually pretty light hearted in my opinion until the later episodes of the series when we learn more about Jo’s past and things get more serious. Meg and Kyouhei both provide a lot of the humor with them both being kind of inept in dangerous situations. Jo has a very dry sense of humor.

The fan service in this anime is all over the place. The four women don’t wear the most discrete clothing in the world, which leads to all kinds of interesting shots. There is even a quintessential fan service beach episode when they all go to the beach and end up fighting of all things, a tentacle monster, right…

The setting is nice and atmospheric with the future dystopian cyber punk theme, which by the way, actually seems to be the way the real world is going more and more these days.

The music is also great. There is a lot of rock and roll guitar music going on and some atmospheric western type of music. The opening song is kind of screwy while the closing theme song is very dramatic and features pictures of all the girls on a wall. This anime has a lot of heart and a lot of things going for it. I’m surprised it isn’t considered more popular by other people because I myself, even if I might be a little biased because of how much I absolutely love Jo, think this anime is quite good.