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The cycle continues with another country oppressing Israel and Israel being saved by a Judge, who this time is one of the more memorable judges named Gideon, not poor Shamgar and his ox goad who killed six hundred Philistines and only got one Bible verse devoted to all he had done, talk about poor representation. Gideon, who like certain other judges such as Samson, was one of the more troublesome judges didn’t believe God originally when God called on him to save the Israelites, so he tested God with the famous fleece incident and the dew. Once he is sure that God is on his side he tears down a Baal pole and drives the Midianites out of Israel. Once he is done with all of this, though, he once again gives God trouble by having all of the Israelites make an idol with the jewelry they had gotten as spoils from their previous oppressors. Abimelech also takes over Israel temporarily, but is over thrown, hit on the head fatally with a mill stone from a woman, who must’ve had quite the muscles, and is killed by one of his body guards, so he doesn’t have to face the shame of being killed by a woman, a nice little bit of Bible sexism for you.