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I wasn’t really planning on doing a song blog for April Fools Day until I realized surprisingly just how many good songs had the word “fool” in them, three or four in particular that I’ve enjoyed over the past several years. While you go out and prank somebody, I’ll be compiling this little list for you to enjoy while screwing with somebody’s mind.

10. Fool For Your Loving by Whitesnake

9. Fooled Again by Tom Petty

8. A Fool For Your Stockings by ZZ Top

7. Fools by Van Halen

6. Fool In the Rain by Led Zeppelin

5. Fool To Cry by Rolling Stones

4. The Fool On the Hill by Beatles

And now for my three absolute favorite songs about fools or fooling around. One of these three is probably the best theme song for April Fools Day.

3. Fool For the City by Foghat: An energetic, upbeat song. Foghat at its best.

2. Fooling by Def Leppard: An abrasive, angsty song that calls out for help with “Is anybody there?!” Maybe somebody unplugged Joe Elliot’s phone as a practical joke for April Fools Day.

1. Fooling Yourself by Styx: On the flip side of my number two choice is my favorite song about fooling, which is incredibly upbeat.