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Top Ten Favorite Japanese Animated Shows: #3 Trigun

A peaceful wanderer tries to escape from his past and meets some interesting people along the way.

The main character is the amusing Vash, who has is very powerful and has a dark past. Wolfwood shows up for several episodes, but isn’t in that much of the series. Despite this he is probably one of the coolest characters in all of anime because of how well done his character development was when he was actually in the series. I remember watching his final episode and realizing it was just as powerful as people said it was. Millie and Meryl were both endearing and amusing as the two insurance sales women.

The villain is great, too. His name is Knives and he is constantly hunting for Vash, so the two of them who he thinks are the strongest can rule the weaker people in the world together. He is just as powerful as Vash and has a group of powerful subordinates.

The action is great. Vash has sworn not to kill anybody, but still does a great job with gun fights. Wolfwood also has some great gun fights.

There is a lot of humor in this series. Vash, Meryl and Millie are all amusing characters, but even the darker Wolfwood is not impervious to being poked fun at and made to look like a buffoon in the series such as jumping off of a bus to save a girl who had been captured by robots but forgetting his guns, “Oh, shittt!”

There is next to no fan service in this series, although relationships do develop between the four main characters.

The western, other worldly, desolate, futuristic setting is nice and atmospheric.

The music also adds a lot of mood to the series with ominous guitar similar to something Mick Ralphs from Bad Company would come up with and has some good twangy, spaghetti western music, too. The opening is cool and the ending theme song is powerful and gripping like the Real Folk Blues, even if you have no clue what they’re saying.

Trigun is another one of those animes that everybody raves about being such a classic, and I definitely think that Trigun due to the better characters and humor definitely deserves that description a lot more than Cowboy Bebop does, which is why Cowboy Bebop makes only number four while Trigun gets a strong number three on the list from me.