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Samson paid a little visit to a prostitute and was almost trapped inside of the city, but managed to break down the gates and carried them with him. He married a woman named Delilah who was persuaded by the Philistines to find out where Samson got his strength from, so that they could get the better of him. Three times Samson lied to Delilah about where he had gotten his strength from. The first two times he was bound by the wrists with different kinds of ropes but broke free both times. The third time they put his hair into a weaver, but he broke free of that, too. He finally relented to Delilah by telling her to cut his hair to get rid of his power. His hair was cut and he was put at the mercy of the Philistines, who had him blinded and put him to work with pushing a grind stone in a mill.

They had a party and made him entertain them with his hands tied to two pillars, but he called on his old strength from God because his hair had grown and managed to pull down the pillars killing many Philistines and himself. So ended the great story of Samson’s life, the strongest man who had ever probably lived. Nobody since then despite all of the strong man competitions and steroids has been able to do what he did in terms of strength, he was the original Arnold and nobody has been able to surpass him since.

We also have a bizarre story about the tribe of Benjamin in the city of Gibeah. A man visited another man in Gibeah and the people of Gibeah went to the host’s house and wanted to sleep with the visitor. However, instead the host, being the up standing man he was, threw his concubine out to the men, so that they could sleep with her instead and they raped the ever loving shit out of her until she died. He then had her body cut up into twelve pieces and had the pieces delivered via Fedex to the twelve tribes of Israel, so that they could rise up against Gibeah and make them pay for the vile acts they had done. The story is not done yet, though, it gets even stranger.

A large army of the twelve tribes went to Gibeah and fought against them twice, but both times they lost a large number of men. Both times they went crying to God and both times God told them that if at first they didn’t succeed they should try, try again. The third time they finally managed to draw the Benjamites away from the city, went into the city and burned it to the ground. They then trapped the soldiers between them, killed a large number of them and chased them while killing many more of them all of the way to some hills where only six hundred of the Benjamites managed to escape. Gibeah was made to pay that day and the people of Benjamin were almost completely decimated. The final chapter explains what happened to the remainder of them.