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Top Ten Favorite Bond Women: #10 Agent Triple X from The Spy Who Loved Me

This woman does not look a whole lot like a Russian agent, so much as your typical model. I wouldn’t trust her with the safety of my country either, but she does make it to number ten for a couple of reasons. This woman has probably one of the most unfortunate code names I have ever heard. I can just imagine the ribbing she got when her peers found out about it.

Agent Triple X (I can’t bring myself to just type the three Xs in a row) was a Russian agent who had a boy friend that was killed by James Bond during the beginning of the movie. She is on a mission to get a little mcguffin, Roger Moore films were full of these little mcguffins, and crosses paths with both James Bond and Jaws while trying to get it for her country.

The reasons I like Agent Triple X are despite having kind of an inane name, she did have the ability to out fox James Bond for a little bit of time. She manages to knock him unconscious and steal the mcguffin for her side with the knock out gas in a cigarette showing sometimes, bless her, she can be pretty resourceful. She also during the chase scene with James Bond’s under water car manages to blow up a submarine that is chasing them with a bomb. James Bond asks her how she knew about this and she tells him that she stole the plans one time for the car. This woman will certainly keep you on your toes while you’re trying to figure out whether she is really friend or foe and looks pretty damn cute in a Russian hat.