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A woman named Hannah could not have any children and was made fun of for it by another woman, so she prayed to God at the tabernacle for a son and promised that if she did have a son he would become a man of God. Hannah gave birth to a son who she named Samuel and he grew up in the temple. While he was growing up in the temple he was called upon three times by God and the first two times he went to Samuel, but the third time he answered the Lord and was told by God that he would be the high priest. The Lord cursed the current high priests’ sons because they did not obey God and they died in a great battle, which not only led to the ark being captured but also led to Eli, who was old by that time, falling off of his chair and dying from the fall. The ark stayed in a temple that belonged to the Philistines, but their God fell over and they were stricken by both fear and disease.