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David is annointed king and plays the lyre for Saul when Saul is bothered by a bad spirit. Goliath faces against the Israelites and nobody will fight against him until David shows up at the Israelites’ camp with provisions and kills Goliath with a stone from a sling. The people of Israel gave David higher praise than they did for Saul, which led to Saul becoming jealous of David being favored by the people and threw his spear several times at David but missing each time while David played music for Saul from the lyer. David marries a woman named Michal who tricks Saul’s soldiers into not killing David with an idol. Saul tries to have David killed again, during which time his son named Jonathan, who has become good friends with David, warns David of Saul’s intentions allowing David to escape into the wild away from Saul.