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Top Ten Favorite Bond Women: #7 Honey Ryder from Dr. No

She might not do much more than look pretty in the first Bond movie, but she is the first Bond woman and I suppose that counts for something. Many other better Bond women have shown up since this one in the movie series, many of which can actually speak English, which is better than Ursula Andress could actually do in this movie, but she was the template for every Bond woman who came, in more ways than one, after her, right up to Die Another Day with Halle Berry coming out of the ocean in the exact same way as an homage to the first Bond woman because that Bond movie was chock full of references.

Honey Ryder was a beach comber for shells who just happened to be on Dr. No’s island and was oblivious to Dr. No’s activities. Why she wasn’t bothered by all of the guards on the island before Bond showed up and brought danger down on both of them is anybody’s guess, maybe Dr. No loved to see her come out of the water just as much as Bond and the audience did or maybe it was because Honey Ryder posed next to no threat whatsoever. Anyway Honey Ryder meets Bond and the two of them try to take down Dr. No on the island.

Honey Ryder might not have been a great Bond woman but with her memorable coming out of the ocean scene and since she was the first, she is still one of the more classic Bond women in the series.