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Top Ten Favorite Bond Women: #5 Kara Milovy from Living Daylights

That’s right, I threw the screwy woman with the cello into my top ten favorite Bond women of all time list. Kara was a cello player who had a boy friend named Yogi who was a traitor posing as a Russian defector. Really Yogi was only working for himself, though, and on neither side. He made his defection look real by having Kara pretend to shoot at him with a sniper rifle she kept in her cello case, but Bond shot her in the rifle first. Later on she finds out that Yogi has betrayed everybody including her and the betrayed woman helps James Bond to take her old flame down for the count.

Kara is not one of the stronger or more classically attractive Bond women, but the reason I like her so much is how endearing she is. She’s this innocent, naive little cello player who has somehow become caught up in a world of spies and violence, but does her best to cope. She’s the only Bond woman on this list who I would just like to hug and snuggle with because she’s like a big stuffed animal of some sort. She’s also a pretty kind woman and very honest. She seems very surprised when people such as Yogi turn out to be not so honest. She’s also loyal sticking with Yogi until she finds out he’s a traitor and then siding with Bond instead, which shows she cares for people but also wants to be on the right side. Not to mention she has that cello that makes her memorable and leads to a creative chase scene down a slope.