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Saul set out for a second time to try to kill David and at night he and all of his men fell asleep, which gave David and his men a chance to sneak into Saul’s camp and David almost killed Saul with a spear but decided not to. This was the second time that David spared Saul’s life after the incident in the cave. Saul had a witch bring back the spirit of Samuel, so that Saul could ask Samuel for advice, but Samuel told Saul that Saul would be cursed with defeat in battle soon later. The Amalekites both defeated the Philistines and took from them and conquered a city of the Israelites, which led to David pursuing after them with his six hundred men. Two hundred of them took a break, but the other four hundred and David eventually caught up to the Amalekites, defeated them, took back the captives including David’s wives and split the spoil evenly amongst themselves.