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Top Ten Favorite James Bond Women: #4 Jinx from Die Another Day

Jinx was a CIA agent who originally worked separately but eventually teamed up with James Bond to take down Gustav Graves in Die Another Day.

Jinx is definitely one of the stronger women in the Bond movie series. She can fight with both a hand gun and with short hand weapons such as swords when she is fighting with Miranda Frost during the finale on the plane. She’s tomboyish and just the kind of woman to keep Bond attentive. She’s spunky and has an homage to the first Bond woman with her coming out of the ocean. It’s a good sign of how far Bond women have come over the years with Honey Ryder being so helpless while Jinx is the much newer and improved Bond woman.

Jinx is also played by Halle Berry, who is probably one of the more controversial actresses. Halle Berry just seems to be one of those actresses who you either love or hate. On one hand she’s been in some great movies such as Storm in the XMen movies, but the on the other hand she won a worst actress award for Catwoman and ended up in one of the weaker Bond movies, despite having a good character role. Personally, I really like Halle Berry, though, because of how fun she is and for the last seven years has reminded me of a good friend I had in high school. Hmm… Now I wonder who that could be? o_0