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Top Ten Favorite James Bond Women: #3 Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies

Wai Lin was a Chinese agent who teamed up with James Bond to take down a journalist who was committing acts of violence for the sake of having incredible headlines ahead of anybody else and getting exclusive journalism rights in China with a new Chinese leader who would be put in charge. She had her own bicycle shop, which she used as a front to cover up for her base of operations.

I love most Asian people. They’ve given us many good things such as anime, sushi and martial arts. Call me prejudiced, but the fact that Wai Lin is Asian alone makes me like her a little more. She’s a strong woman who kicks ass with martial arts like any good Asian could and is good with weapons. She even uses dual machine guns during the final fight pretty well. She’s also one of the few women who seems to be on the exact same level as James Bond. She kicks just as much ass as he does, knows just as much as he does and looks pretty while doing it all, so what’s not to like about her, no detractors.