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Top Ten Favorite Bond Women: #2 Pam Bouvier from Licence To Kill (No, That Is Not a Typo)

Surprise or maybe not, if you know me well enough and my taste in women. Aw, the 1980s, when men were glammy with long hair, women were tomboyish with short hair and sometimes it was tough to tell them apart. Sounds great to me because I love my tomboys, and they don’t get much more tomboyish than Pam Bouvier.

Pam Bouvier is a CIA agent who poses as a pilot for Franz Sanchez. She’s an under cover agent who is trying to get some information they can use against Sanchez, which takes serious guts because Sanchez will brutally murder anybody who gets in his way, particularly those people he trusts who betray him or look like they betrayed him. Poor Killifer just couldn’t handle all the pressure involved and got sort of a swell head because of it. When James Bond becomes a rogue agent and storms into a bar to take on some of Sanchez’s men including the greasy Dario, Pam ends up joining forces with him.

Pam is about as tomboyish, tough and spunky as they come, my kind of woman, a real handful in more ways than one. She was so tomboyish in real life that the actress named Carey Lowell didn’t think she would actually suit the part of a Bond woman because she was more used to wearing jeans than dresses and had short hair. At the beginning of the movie they gave her a wig to wear, but later on she reverts to her natural self in a casino and causes James Bond to have one of his very few ever double takes. I love that scene because it is clear that both James Bond and I are in unanimous agreement that Pam is the definition of epic 1980s womanhood.

She proves pretty quickly that she can handle a tough situation when before James Bond and Pam get in a fight with Dario and his men James Bond shows Pam his hand gun, but she shows him her shot gun hidden under the table. I also love that part when it shows that Pam loves big weapons. She helps in the fight and gives them an escape route when she blows up a juke box putting a large hole in the wall. Later on she also helps in the final truck chase with flying around in a plane and dumping crop duster chemicals on some of the henchman while giving a spunky wave to James Bond below.

She also has probably one of the best double entendre moments I have ever seen or heard in a James Bond movie. For all of the suggestive and kind of inane double entendre names Bond women have had over the years and for all of the times Bond bedded a woman, I think there are very few things sexier or more subtly humorous than when Pam gives hand gestures for ordering a martini that is shaken and not stirred. There is a seven second clip on Youtube with thirty three thousand views of that part alone and I must admit to having watched it a few times. Fan service at its absolute, most wickedly amusing best.

This is a great example of juvenile college humor, but I must say that from that day onwards I never looked at martinis the same way again. =^_^=