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David when he became king had the ark moved to his home city and on the way there the oxen caused the ark to almost fall over, so Uzzah touched the ark with his hand to help steady it but was struck down by the Lord because he had touched the ark. The moral of this story is if some important religious object looks like it’s going to fall over let it fall and you’ll probably live longer. David asked a servant of Saul’s named Zibah if there were any remaining living relatives of Saul and found out that Jonathan, his good friend, had a son who was crippled in the feet from a fall during his infancy. David had Mephibosheth come to him and told him that not only would David give Mephibosheth all of the inheritance that belonged to Saul but would also let Mephibosheth eat at his table with him always. David appointed Zibah, his servants and family to take charge of the land that now belonged to Mephibosheth.