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Top Ten Favorite James Bond Women: #1 Tracy from On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Tracy is the quintessential Bond woman like Blofeld is the quintessential Bond villain. She was the daughter of a mafia boss who first met James Bond during playing cards in a hotel casino. She later invites James Bond to come to her room for a good time, but when James Bond shows up in her room he gets in a fight with a big black guy who Tracy had stay there as a test to see how strong James Bond was. James Bond defeated the black guy and won over Tracy. They become so close that the mafia boss promises James Bond information on Blofeld if he will marry Tracy. James Bond, Tracy and the mafia take down Blofeld together and James Bond and Tracy get married because James Bond wants to, instead of just as his duty, but they are not destined to be happy together for very long, unfortunately. It culminates in probably the most tragic James Bond outcome ever, and James Bond never does seem to have his revenge against the person responsible unlike when he does in License To Kill.

James Bond clearly cares about Tracy more than any other woman he has ever come across because Tracy is the only woman who he is ever willing to give up a life of debauchery with women for and settle down with. The fact that James Bond, ultimate womanizer, wants to settle down with just one woman shows how strongly he felt about her. It’s easy to see why he likes her so much, too. She was probably the first woman in the entire Bond movie series except for maybe Pussy Galore who was not only memorable but could also take care of herself. She could fight well, ski well and drive well, definitely the kind of woman who would be after the rough and tumble Bond’s own heart.