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Burst Angel is probably my favorite fan service anime about four women who kill monsters in Japan. Click Click Boom is one of the biggest singles from the hard rock group called Saliva.

This AMV not only entertains me, but influenced me in several different ways. First it got me to like Burst Angel a lot more than I used to, second it got me to check out Saliva, which is one of the music groups I have listened to longer than pretty much any other group and third it inspired me to go out and do something exciting with my life.

I was currently going to college at a small college, which really didn’t have a whole lot to offer, so I ended up transferring, which didn’t end up so well but definitely led to my life going down a much different path than I had foreseen four years ago. In some ways I am actually a much different person than I used to be because of this video, and that is what puts it at number four on the list. A good video not only entertains, it can also change who you are.