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Top Ten Favorite James Bond Villains: #10 May Day from a View To a Kill

My favorite James Bond villains were the memorable ones, which were usually comical in some way. May Day from A View To a Kill is about as comical as a James Bond villain got. May Day worked for a villain boss named Zorin who planned on blowing up Silicon Valley, so that he could take over the market for microchips.

She was played by Grace Jones, who during the 1980s was not only an actor in some pretty interesting movies such as the second Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger but also was a popular dance music performer similar in style to the Eurythmics. She was portrayed as being a very strong, tough woman who could not only dominate the aging Roger Moore in bed but also lift agents above her head and throw them. During one scene when she throws a Russian agent, her boy friend named Dolph Lundgren who would go on to be a big 1980s action star in the same line as Schwarzenegger made his first brief film appearance as another Russian agent and was actually in a relationship with Grace Jones at the time. When those two got it on small earthquakes occurred.

Grace Jones had a pretty cartoonish persona as a music performer, which definitely translated to the movie. She was the first strong woman in the Bond series with large muscles and was completely butch, about as butch as Vasquez from Aliens 2. I wonder if anybody confused her for a man. References… She also had one of the more memorable death scenes when she brought a bomb out of the fault line saving millions of people from being drowned to death but died in the explosion.