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David sent three of his thirty mighty men to get him water from a well that was near a camp of their enemies, so they fought their way through the enemies and got David the water, but David poured their hard work on the ground because he could not take water from somebody who had risked their lives to get it for him and he did not feel worthy to have it. David’s thirty mighty men did other impressive things to such as killing many enemies in one fight and killing four giants, one of which had tried to kill David, which led to David no longer directly participating in the battles that were fought by his army. Despite having such strong soldiers, David still wanted to take a census of his people instead of leaving well enough alone, so he had his servants count the number of people and they got a number of soldiers that totaled eight hundred thousand, despite Joab telling him it should not be done because it would display lack of trust in the power of the Lord. David was giving three different options as a punishment for his wrongful actions by a prophet of God; famine for three months, losing to their enemy for three months or three days of disease. David took the shortest amount of turmoil with the disease, but it still managed to kill off seventy thousand of his people until the Lord told the angel of death to have mercy and David built a tribute altar to the Lord on the threshing floor.