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Ghost In the Shell was the first anime I ever saw about cyborgs in the future maintaining the peace and dealing with refugees and cyber terrorism. Burst Angel is the second anime I ever saw about four women in the future killing monsters. They were the first two anime I saw and both of them were highly identical to each other in many different ways such as having a great, strong, female protagonist and being of the cyber punk genre. Stronger was originally a song by Daft Punk, which was great, but Kanye West did a cover of it, which was also pretty good.

The techno rap song really suits the two animes featured in this video and two of my favorite, earliest animes combined with one of my favorite songs during high school leads to what I think is a great combination. It also features part of Mortal Combat’s theme song at the beginning of the video, which was featured in my third favorite AMV on Youtube with Rurouni Kenshin as the anime.