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Solomon, despite his wisdom, ended up marrying some women who did not believe in God and believed in other gods instead, so they turned Solomon away from God and God said that he would take most of the kingdom away from Solomon’s son. Solomon died and his son named Rehoboam took over Judah while another man named Jeroboam took over the rest of the kingdom. After this kings would succeed kings for both kingdoms and most of them were bad, but there was the occasional good king such as Asa who did what was good, reigned for a relatively long time of forty one years because he was blessed by God and got rid of both male prostitutes and idols. Most of what these kings has done is mentioned in another book called the Annals of the Kings, which is not a part of the Bible and not official canon. It is possible that these annals have been found, though, like other books of the Bible not included in the Bible and that they can be studied.