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Top Ten Favorite Albums of the Last Two Years: Blue Rock by Abe Parker

Abe Parker is a good friend of mine and has been making several albums over the last several years. He has made two new albums since he graduated from college. The first one was called Ninety Percent of Reality and his newest one is called Blue Rock. Blue Rock has the least number of songs for any album he has made so far at only six songs total, but this album definitely seems to be more about quality than quantity. There used to be a time when music groups would only have around eight songs on their album, but each of their songs on the album was actually good. Abe Parker definitely seems to be going in this direction.

His first song on the album is called Fool On the Run and is a good rocker. The next song on the album called Heart Ache has a prominent guitar riff but is one of my lesser favorite songs on the album. The funkiness of the song just doesn’t work well for me. Maggie Magee is a nice little, adult contemporary sounding song. It sounds like something you would hear in a shopping mall with its comfortable, relaxed feel. It’s nice to hear that Abe can make both strong rockers and interspersing, reassuring ballads.

Smokestacks is probably the best rocker on the album so far. It has a prominent guitar intro and then moves into some slick vocals and a chill, bluesy feel. Tied To You sounds like another ballad. The vocals are most prominent about this song while there is a little, sparse guitar in the back ground and what sounds like a tamborine for the rhythm. Carry Me Away has an interesting piano intro and a spaced out sound.

After listening to this album all of the way through I can honestly say that Abe Parker has gone on his musical journey from heavy garage rocker to warm and fuzzy college poster boy to legitimate, professional music performer with his most recent album. Even if he wasn’t the good friend of mine, that he is I would still listen to his album because in my opinion it is right now one of the best pop albums around.