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Top Ten Favorite Bond Villains: #5 Francisco Scaramanga from Man With the Golden Gun

Francisco Scaramanga was an expert marksman and hitman who worked for a Chinese man named Hi Fat to get a solex agitator, probably one of the biggest macguffins in the whole James Bond movie series, so that they could monopolize the market for solar energy. Later on Scaramanga has his boss killed, though, and takes over the operations because James Bond has seen Hi Fat and escaped with the knowledge that Hi Fat is behind it all. James Bond goes to an island to confront Scaramanga, who has eventually managed to both steal the agitator and capture the main Bond woman in the movie named Good Night. They have a final confrontation on the island with their hand guns, but it doesn’t come even close to living up to the build up between the two characters for the whole movie, so it’s a big let down and by far the weakest part of the movie.

Scaramanga has probably one of the best, most unique and most memorable hand guns in the entire Bond series for both movies and video games, the golden gun. In the games it’s a usually a one hit kill weapon while in the movie it’s just a powerful hand gun used by a deadly shot. Scaramanga is known as one of the best marksmen and hitmen in the world and is considered an equal to James Bond himself when it comes to handling a gun. Scaramanga even has an obsession to prove which one of them is better.

Scaramanga is also played by probably one of the best villain actors of all time, Christopher Lee. Christopher Lee has played some classic villains such as Dracula, Sarumon in the Lord of the Rings movies, Count Dookoo in the Star Wars movies and of course Scaramanga. He excels at playing Scaramanga and is a large part of what makes Scaramanga one of my absolute favorite Bond villains.