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Quite a lot of stuff happens in this part of 1 Kings, so I will try to make it as concise as possible. Zimri is one of the kings who reigns over part of Israel after he betrays his king and has him assassinated. The people find out about this and almost over throw him, but before they can do so Zimri burns down the royal house with himself inside. Elijah asks for food from a poor mother and her child. He has God give them more food, so that their food supply is replenished and they can all eat together. The son becomes sick and Elijah prays for God to make him well again.

Elijah then has a contest with some idol worshippers over whose God is better with altars being burned. The heathens do not manage to get their altar burnt, but Elijah has God burn his altar, even with a lot of water on it. He then has the heathens killed, which leads to an evil woman named Jezebel wanting to have Elijah killed. Elijah flees away from Jezebel and takes shelter in a cave during which time natural disasters occur, but after the disasters God visits Elijah in a simple breath of wind.