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Top Ten Favorite James Bond Villains: #3 Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me

Jaws was a large villain in the James Bond series, who was in two different movies, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. In the first movie he worked for a villain with an under water base called Atlantis and tried to get back a macguffin that the villain had lost but had used to track submarines. In the second movie he was brought in halfway through the movie to fight Bond a couple of times and was mostly comic relief. He also was converted to the heroes side in the end because of a woman.

Jaws was probably the biggest, strongest and toughest villain in the entire James Bond series, which is really saying something. He also had a unique way to kill people with his metal teeth, which were also used to bite through metal chains such as when he is chasing somebody and they try to lock him out of a crypt and another time when he bites through a steel cable so that he can stop James Bond from moving in a mountain lift.

He also is defeated many times and hurt many times but keeps coming back for more is probably the most resilient and most persistent villain in the entire Bond movie series. During the series he is thrown off of a train, buried under rubble, crashes through a roof of somebody’s barn in a car, falls off of a water fall, falls off of an airplane and crashes inside of a mountain lift, but each time he is still there when it is done. He’s pretty much invincible, basically Michael Myers with Dracula’s teeth, a truly incredible combination.