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Top Ten Favorite James Bond Villains: #4 Oddjob from Goldfinger

Oddjob was an Asian villain who worked for a man named Goldfinger. Goldfinger planned on breaking into Fort Knox and blowing up the gold, so that he could have a monopoly on gold. Oddjob took care of a couple of women for him who had betrayed him and were trying to kill him.

Oddjob was definitely one of the strongest and toughest villains in the entire James Bond series. He could easily throw James Bond around and seemed to be impervious to many different kinds of pain such as when Bond hit him with a gold brick that seemed to do absolutely no damage to him. If his strength and endurance weren’t enough, he also had his deadly unique hat that he not only used to kill one of the women helping Bond for a short while but also used in one of the more memorable scenes of the Bond movie series to cut the head off of a statue.

Oddjob has several of the most memorable James Bond moments in the James Bond series along with his hat cutting off the statue’s head such as when he crushes a golf ball with his bare hand, which makes even James Bond flinch, something he doesn’t do too much of despite all of the danger that he faces. He also kills one woman in the movie by covering them completely in gold paint, which is probably one of the most memorable killing methods in the Bond movie series and leaves a lasting impression of the woman covered in gold.