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Fifty men led by a captain went to kill Elijah, who was at the top of a hill, but fire came down from heaven and killed them. This happened twice, but the third captain begged for mercy, so Elijah went with the captain to the king of the captain. Elijah was later whisked into heaven by a chariot and horses of fire, and he was replaced by his servant named Elisha. A group of boys taunted Elisha one day while he was traveling, so he decided to punish them by having a couple of bears eat them. He also brought back to life the son of a poor woman.

Elisha’s servants made a stew and one of his men put some wild gourds in the stew, which caused the stew to become poisoned. However, Elisha took care of the stew by putting yeast into it and then the stew was O.K. to eat. A military leader named Naaman went to Elisha to be healed from his leprosy, and Elisha told him to take a bath seven times in a local river, which led to him being healed of his leprosy. He offered a gift to Elisha and Elisha refused but one of Elisha’s servants took some clothes and silver from Naaman. Elisha found out about this and cursed his servant and his servant’s descendants with leprosy for what he had done.