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Top Ten Favorite James Bond Villains: #2 006 from Goldeneye

006 used to be a 00 agent who worked with James Bond but after he supposedly died during a mission at a Russian base, he later resurfaced as a villain who was trying to steal money from banks and destroy the computer systems afterwards with an electronic disrupting satellite called the Goldeneye.

006 is a great villain because he’s basically the evil, dark version of James Bond. He has the exact same skills and knowledge as 007, which makes him the perfect enemy to face. During the entire movie they are always getting the upper hand on each other and they have a finale with fighting each other at the base of operations. They test their marksmanship and hand to hand combat abilities against each other with one final fight. Also, 006 is a traitor, who used to be a friend of Bond’s, so it really adds some considerable character depth and chemistry to the villain role. This isn’t just another villain, it’s much more personal than that.

006 is also played by a great actor named Sean Bean. Sean Bean was a great villain actor and had roles as villains in a Harrison Ford movie called Patriot Games, Boromir in the Lord of the Rings movies, who wasn’t really a villain so much as an anti hero and lastly as 006 in Goldeneye. He never seems to survive through a movie either, meeting his end with boat crashes, getting shot by arrows and having the Goldeneye dish fall on top of him.