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Top Ten Favorite Albums of the Last Two Years: #6 La Futura by ZZ Top

ZZ Top was a blues rock group during the 1970s and had some decent songs but it wasn’t until the 1980s when they grew their beards out and made some flashy music videos that they really caught on with people. They had a couple of classic albums during the 1980s with Eliminator and Afterburner, but after the 1980s they sort of declined. It wasn’t until almost ten years after they made a rather weak album called Mescalero that they came out with La Futura, just a couple of months after I saw them perform live for the first time with a couple of friends at a concert in my area, one of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to.

La Futura is a heavy blues rock album, similar to the other ones by ZZ Top. I Gotsta Get Paid is really, heavily distorted, fuzzy blues rock. Chartreuse has more of a lively riff to it and sounds similar to Sharp Dressed Man at the beginning of the song. Consumption is heavy as well. Over You moves to a lighter, more bluesy than rock sound.

Heartache In Blue is some down to earth blues rock and picks up the pace again from where they left off with Over You. I Don’t Want To Lose, Lose You has a countryish twang to it. Flying High is lively and upbeat. It’s Too Easy, Manana is a bluesy song again.

Big Shiny Nine moves quickly. Have a Little Mercy features some gruff vocals from Billy Gibbons, gruffer than usual. Threshold of a Breakdown sounds like a more countryish song. Drive By Lover is another energetic song on the album. Most of this album is hard rocking, heavy, fast moving blues rock. Drive By Lover features some of the few vocals from Dusty Hill, the bass player and occasional lead vocalist, that are on this album.

La Futura is not one of the best blues rock albums, but it is nice to hear some blues rock music again from one of the most rocking and comical blues rock groups around.