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Three weeks ago I took a planned one week break from blogging because I was going to my commencement for finishing up college. What I did not plan on was coming back home and not knowing where my charger cord was for a week. It wasn’t until almost a week after I had come back from my commencement that I had realized I had left my charger cord actually in a building where I had watched some episodes with a friend of mine, anime of course. I had to have the charger cord mailed to me, which took another several days and it wasn’t until a week and a half after my commencement that I finally had my charger cord with me.

Not to mention I have been relentlessly it seems working around forty hours per week in the call center. Now with my charger cord back, the start of a new week and a small break from working, I can go back to some blogging again this week with finally finishing my top ten album list, starting Bela Lugosi movies and continuing my Bible blog. Whether you like my reviews or chronicling the most, I appreciate you all waiting for me to get back again, so you can continue reading my wonderful blogs.