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Top Ten Favorite Albums: #5 Music From Another Dimension by Aerosmith

Aerosmith was a hard rock group that made some big albums during the 1970s, declined a little bit due to drugs and then made a come back during that great decade of the 1980s with my favorite albums by them called Pump and Permanent Vacation. Aerosmith then declined again during the 1980s and made an album in 20002 but not another one until Music From Another Dimension, which came out ten years later.

Some people doubted that Aerosmith could still make a rocking album, what with Steven Tyler showing up as a judge on American Idol and all that other random has been kind of stuff. Luv XXX after a trippy intro, though, explodes onto the scene with some rocking guitar and sexy lyrics. Oh, Yeah is an average rocker. Beautiful is another midtempo rocker that doesn’t really stand out. Tell Me is a ballad. Music From Another Dimension doesn’t seem to be holding itself up too well.

Then Out Go the Lights shows up to save the album and get it back on track again. With some back up vocalists and heavy guitar, Out Go the Lights might stretch on a little bit too long, but it’s a pretty good rocker as well. Legendary Child really tears out of the gate and keeps the album going at a good pace. What Could Have Been Love allows the album to breath after the last couple of furious but great rockers. Street Jesus has another interesting intro with a preacher man talking on the streets of the city, and then the song launches into the main body, which is pretty rocking as well.

Lover A lot moves along at a quick, energetic pace. We All Fall Down has Steven Tyler crooning for another ballad. This album seems to have a ballad every couple of songs to get the album from ever being too oppressive for the people who are more into poppish albums. Freedom Fighter is definitely one of the better rockers on the album. It’s like Legendary Child, only not age exclusive. Closer, not surprisingly, is another ballad.

Something has an interesting organ intro. Another Last Good Bye continues on with another ballad. The rockers seem to be completely gone towards the end of the album. One final song on the album is Can’t Stop Loving You, which features a guest vocalist named Carrie Underwood, a country music performer. This song has an interesting blues feel to it.

Music From Another Dimension is an incredibly average rock album with interspersed ballads but a handful of great songs, something any good album should offer, four or five memorable songs. Legendary Child, Freedom Fighter, Out Go the Lights and the rocking and rolling Luv XXX a day, which really starts out the album just right, are definitely the highlights in my opinion of this album. Aerosmith proves that they might be old and delving into other things but they can still make maybe not a great album but at least a decent one.