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10. Hot Dog and a Shake by David Lee Roth: A song about food and drinks or maybe something more.

9. Summertime Blues by Joan Jett: A song about having fun in the summer from one of the most passionate of rockers.

8. Hot, Blue and Righteous by ZZ Top: The dry and dusty feel of this song is perfect for the ninety degree days of summer.

7. Girls of Summer by Aerosmith: I could just imagine this song being played while down at the beach.

6. Red Hot by Motley Crue: A really rocking song about how hot the band, women and concert nights could get.

5. Summer Nights by Van Halen: Drive around in your car and open the window while listening to this summer song.

4. Hot In the City by Billy Idol: The perfect, atmospheric song for summer in the city.

3. Long, Hot Summer Night by Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Hendrix rages away with this song and you will, too, probably.

2. Boys of Summer by Don Henley: A great, atmospheric song for the summer, which was uplifted by some great vocals.

1. Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams: Bryan Adams reminisces about his previous summers and other fun things, not exactly face to face intimacy, but it will do.