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Top Ten Favorite Albums of the Last Two Years: #4 Rise Up by Saliva

Saliva was a hard rock group that formed during the mid 1990s and made one very forgettable album. They then broke into the mainstream during the early 2000s with three great albums, Every Six Seconds, which featured my favorite song by them called Click Click Boom, Back Into Your System, which was the most critically acclaimed album, and Survival of the Sickest, which was the hardest rocking album they ever made. After Survival of the Sickest they declined with a couple of forgettable albums in a row. Pretty much the only memorable song that came from their next three albums were Ladies and Gentlemen on their second weakest album called Blood Stain Love Story and Bad Ass on their Under Your Skin album, which was the last good song Josey Scott made with the group.

Josey then came up with the bright idea of going into Christian music of all things as a solo music performer and quickly sank into forgotten obscurity because his Christian music career went absolutely nowhere. Saliva was not only declining with the quality of their last couple of albums, they were also without a vocalist, so they recruited Bobby Amaru as the new lead vocalist, came out with a single and told everybody they would a new album some time later. That album has come out now, twice. The first time it came out as only something you could download from Itunes, which not surprisingly sold very low. Their second release of the album actually had it on hard copy under a different name of Rise Up. With the flames on the front, they seemed back to rock.

Rise Up is a call to arms. She Can Sure Hide Crazy is a great ode to a strong woman. No One but Me rocks. Lost is more of a ballad, finally letting up after the last three great rockers.

1000 Eyes has an interesting, grungy, serious sound. Redneck Freakshow is definitely one of the most amusing, comical and up beat songs on the whole album. It’s a dedication to their fans, which just goes to show what kind of people usually listen to this stuff, glue sniffers, truck drivers, dead beats and trailer trash. Bless them… Choke is a slower, less rocking song that sounds like 1000 Eyes. Army is the second dedication on the album to the music group’s fans.

Closer is a nice ballad. In It To Win It, the biggest single on the album, might actually be my least favorite song on the whole album. There is nothing melodic about it, it’s just a sonic assault that makes even metal heads like myself want to turn the thing down. The Enemy has an interesting sound. I Don’t Want It finishes up the album with some good guitar.

Rise Up is a very average album by a hard rock group that seems to churn out decent albums but nothing too incredibly innovative. Still this is one of my favorite albums of the last two years because of stand out songs like Redneck Freakshow and She Can Sure Hide Crazy and because unlike many of the classic rock groups who are still making albums they haven’t gotten tuckered out yet.