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Top Ten Favorite Albums of the Last Two Years: #1 Apocalyptic Love by Slash and the Conspirators

Slash was the guitarist for Guns and Roses, until Axl Rhodes went nuts and caused the whole group to break apart cause he was working on the ambitious but crappy Chinese Democracy. Slash then went on to be the guitarist for Velvet Revolver but it only lasted for two albums. He then started his own solo career with the hand picked Myles Kennedy on vocals, who might be his best vocalist yet because he’s more memorable than Scott Weiland, Velvet Revolver’s output along with Chickenfoot’s really doesn’t interest me that much anymore because they failed to make anything that I found actually memorable, and less abrasive than the talented but jerkish Axl Rose.

Slash made on album in 2010 with a whole slew of different vocalists with everybody from Ozzy Osbourne to Fergie of all people. Quite frankly I don’t know which of those choices was stranger, although Fergie did manage to turn out one of only two songs I like by her along with Let’s Get It Started, which even a rock and roll die hard like me seems to find enjoyable and of course representative of my growing up years.

Slash then finally settled on a single vocalist for his group with Myles Kennedy. The album cover is quite something else, one of my favorite album covers because it epitomizes rock and roll with the women, guitar and snakes, but how does it actually sound?

Apocalyptic Love has a lot of wa’s in it and is similar to Eric Clapton’s guitar style. One Last Thrill is your basic, frenetic rocker with a scream similar to that of Axl Rose at the beginning. Standing In the Sun is the best song yet on the album with an inspirational song meaning and some thunderous roaring guitar and bass riffs. You’re a Lie is an abrasive, disillusioned song. This album might be basic guitar driven rock and roll, but it actually manages to convey many different moods.

No More Heroes continues on with the disillusioned feel. Halo is quite the frantic rocker and has another great song meaning about going out and doing crazy things. We Will Roam is a ballad… and it’s great! Surprise. I actually like a ballad for a change, which doesn’t happen a whole lot not because I dislike quieter music but because I usually find power ballads to be vapid of any true emotion, clearly not this one, though. This song will really move you with the lyrics and vocals. It’s one of the songs on the album that proves how great of a vocalist Myles Kennedy truly is because he is really what carries this song. Anastasia is yet another rocker and the third of three great songs in a row. It has an interesting intro and then moves into some really rocking guitar with a blistering, mind blowing, ceaseless guitar solo.

Unfortunately, the album really kind of putters out after this, but maybe it’s because the songs are not as great as the previous several, which are hard to contest. Not For Me is a ballad that isn’t even close to as interesting as We Will Roam, although it does have a reflective song meaning about not wanting to continue with the sex, drugs and rock and roll life style anymore. Bad Rain is a pretty sleazy song with a pretty sleazy, cartoon music video similar to the music video Motley Crue made for Hell On High Heels, quite the classy song in itself to be sure, but that’s a different story. Hard and Fast is quite the frenetic rocker. Far and Away is yet another boring ballad. The final song on the album, though, pulls the album back up again. Shots Fired is quite the rocker and has some great vocals and lyrics.

Really this album is fantastic. I had the pleasure to see Slash perform a concert almost one year ago now, which I posted on my blog back when I was still doing this for an internship, which my longest followers might remember. Slash is great to see in concert and this new album is fantastic, too. If they go in the same direction as they did with this one for their new album, I couldn’t be more content with what they are doing.