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Operation Condor is about Jackie Chan who is an archaeologist and searches for some gold in the desert. Three women go along with him and two other groups try to get the gold first.

Jackie Chan is his usual likable self, this time as an archaeologist. The first woman is an Asian who is in charge of the quest for the gold. The second woman is German and my favorite one because she is the strongest of the three women and in my opinion the most attractive. She really shoots the ever loving crap out of a hotel when they are confronted by a couple of villains. The third woman is some kind of gypsy who originally has a pet bug.

There are two groups of villains who go up against them. The first group of villains is kind of inept. They’re just two people and have about as much luck going against Jackie Chan as Team Rocket. The second group of villains is larger and more powerful, though. They are led by a man in a wheel chair and another man who sounds a lot like Batou from Ghost In the Shell.

There are many action scenes. Probably the best ones are when Jackie Chan’s group fight a couple of villains at a hotel and the German woman chases them off with a flurry of bullets from a machine gun. The other great fight takes place at the end in an under ground German base. An interesting aspect of the final action scene is that Jackie Chan and a couple of other criminals are always flying around cause of air vents.

They also have a suspenseful, exciting escape from the base at the end of the movie before the base blows up by getting shot out of a hole in the ceiling.

There is a lot of humor, some of which is suggestive. At least two of the three women lose their clothes, which I won’t complain about cause that German woman looked great. Excuse me for being attracted to the opposite gender. Jackie Chan seems to be having a lot of fun when he gets blown around by the vents. Also, the whole fight in the hotel room was comical when they made many mistakes including allowing the machine gun to go out of control.

The music was kind of average and forgettable, but you don’t watch this movie for the music. Most of the movie takes place in the desert, and I’ve heard shooting movies in the desert can be tough to do cause of the changing weather conditions. Just watch the biography for the first Star Wars movie when they were filming in the desert for Tattooine.

Anyway it’s great to be blogging again. I now have time with not working right now, and it’s been a while. I will be having movie reviews right up until October when I do my top twenty horror movies count down.