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Super Cop is about a cop who goes under cover and helps a criminal to escape from a prison, so that the criminal will lead the cop to his brother and their criminal organization. Along the way they are joined by a female government official who is posing as the cop’s sister and pretends to have shot another cop when they get into a fight. The criminal takes them both to his brother and they eventually find out from the cop’s old girlfriend about the real identities of the infiltrators. The girlfriend is kidnapped and the cops are forced to save the wife of the criminal from the police, but get the girlfriend back and try to take the criminals down. It’s a long, complicated plot, but it is always clear and keeps you entertained from start to finish.

The main character is a cop played by Jackie Chan. He is his usual self. Like most action actors he seems to play a similar role in almost every movie of his, but it is usually entertaining such as in this movie. His female counter part is much stronger and more independent than any of the women in Operation Condor, though, who most of the time needed Jackie Chan to help them. This woman can fight for herself instead of just clubbing somebody with helmets.

The villains are two brothers who are in charge of a criminal organization. While one of the brothers is trusting and grateful, his brother is ruthless and does not trust anybody. One of the brothers is somewhat likable, similar to Sanchez from Licence To Kill in that he helps people who help him, while his brother makes for a good villain and deserves his ending in the movie.

The action in this movie is great from a thrilling escape from the prison while running up a steep hill and cruising down a zip line to the explosive fight between several crime syndicates during a meeting. There are some interesting stunts such as when Jackie Chan is rolling around in some kind of training apparatus wheel or when he is hanging from a helicopter ladder high over a city. The climax on a truck and train is great, too.

This movie has a little humor such as when his boss is posing as a woman, but it has less humor than Operation Condor, which was a pretty silly action, comedy movie of Jackie Chan.

The music at the beginning of the movie is pretty attention grabbing while the sets always seem to change from prisons to roof tops to trains. This definitely deserves its reputation of being one of the best Jackie Chan movies ever made. It doesnt’ have any amusing comical side kick or a particularly original plot, which keeps this movie from being higher on my preference list. This movie is like Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger, all action, but entertaining to watch.