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Rush Hour 3 is about a criminal who attempts to assassinate a government official. A government official played by Jackie Chan gets help from his partner played by Chris Tucker and tries to catch him. They have a confrontation and Jackie Chan finds out that the almost assassin is actually his brother. He and his partner go to France to stop some criminals from obtaining a list of triad names. Why this list is important is never clearly explained to my knowledge, but it’s on the back of the head of a woman.

Jackie Chan once again is the protagonist, this time a cop. Chris Tucker plays his partner who is pretty comical. The little girl from the first movie comes back much older this time. Also, there is a woman they need to protect with the list on the back of their head. I wish the Chinese girl had shown up more because she is likable. Unfortunately, most of the movie is focused on the other three characters with the map woman not having much personality.

There are three notable villains in this movie. The first one is Jackie Chan’s brother, which leads to some drama and interesting character interaction. The second villain is a creepy looking woman who tries to kill Jackie Chan after seducing him. The third villain is a traitor who is really behind it all.

There are some pretty good action scenes from the chase scene at the beginning to the final, great fight on the top of the Eiffel Tower. The fight finishes with them escaping while hanging onto sheets as a hang glider, which’s pretty exciting.

The humor in here is sometimes good and off color. A French police officer shows up just to show us how we think of French people with interrogating Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker with phone books. Also, there is a taxi driver who shows up and begs for Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to take him on as their driver after an exciting chase scene. There is a humorous fight against a large Chinese man in a dojo.

The music is average. The movie mostly takes place in France with some good scenery from the Eiffel Tower to the sewers.