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Rush Hour 2 is about Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker taking a vacation in China but really they are working on another case, much to the chagrin of Chris Tucker. They go up against a man who had worked with and betrayed Jackie Chan’s father. They also try to get back some plates that are counter feit and criminals are using to launder money in a casino.

Jackie Chan is back in this second installment of the Rush Hour series as the action packing hero while Chris Tucker is humorous as his partner who is always getting knocked off of buildings and getting his ass handed to him by women. There is also a woman who always seems to be working on either side. They don’t know whether to trust her, but in the end she ends up saving Jackie Chan.

The villains in this movie are not particularly memorable. The main villain is a man who has a decent back story. He worked with Jackie Chan’s father, betrayed him and seems to be very ruthless. He has a cold blooded woman who is good at martial arts working for him. There is also a rich white man waiting for his cut named Steve Reign.

The action in this movie is pretty good, taking place in massage parlors where Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have a great fight against a whole bunch of villains and in a hotel at the end of the movie. They have an explosive escape from a bomb.

The humor is pretty good. Chris Tucker is funny as always with his dry one liners and over reactions. We have a moment of confusion with Jackie Chan thinking Chris Tucker is dead and then finding out later he is alive with a scene similar to another scene that shows up in their third movie.

The music is actually pretty exciting and engaging right from the opening title screen. The setting moves all over the place from China to Las Vegas. Both places are used well. Rush Hour 2 gives a better presentation of Las Vegas than the dry as a martini Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.