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A princess is captured from China and Jackie Chan goes to save her. He takes a train, which is robbed by a group of criminals who works for Owen Wilson. After some rivalry between them, they eventually join sides and set out to save the princess together and her gold.

Jackie Chan plays a guy with some character development in this movie. He is bound by regulations set up by the Chinese government, but Owen Wilson tries to get him to break free of those restrictions. It kind of reminded me of the influence some of my friends had on me in college. Owen Wilson is a funny, no good outlaw who also has character development. Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson teaming up together seems to have a positive effect on both of them with Jackie Chan getting Owen Wilson to straighten up and fly right while Owen Wilson gets Jackie Chan to be less of a tight ass. The princess is not shown much since she is the damsel in distress that they try to rescue but is nice.

There are many criminals in this movie. Owen Wilson’s old gang wants him dead. There is a sheriff based off of Lee Van Cleef with a first for blood. There are also several Good, Bad and Ugly references in this movie with their escape from the noose and the Mexican stand off, although they don’t have any Mexicans. There is also a skilled martial artist who plays the main villain and should not be screwed with since he can use even an oyster shell to kill.

The action is pretty good. Unlike most of Jackie Chan’s movies it not only has good stunts and martial arts, but also a lot of gun fights because it takes place in the old west. There is a good bar scene, which is a free for all, and they have another free for all at the end of the movie in a church.

Owen Wilson provides most of the comedy as the comic relief, but his group of rag tag backwoods criminals are comical as well.

Some of the songs in this movie are great. Back In the Saddle by Aerosmith plays when they escape from the noose and La Grange by ZZ Top plays when they have the bar fight. Most of the setting is the wild west, which’s pretty interesting. They move from trains to bars to old churches.