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Rush Hour is about a cop who is assigned to watch over a cop brought over from China to work on a kidnapping. Eventually the Chinese cop convinces the American cop to work on the case. They check out some leads but it  does not really get them anywhere. They then do a trade for the girl with the money in an abandoned building that is blown up by a criminal nearby. They chase him and lose him but find a detonator, which leads them to a Chinese restaurant. They end up ruining the trade back for the girl, though, and have to make up for their mistake by taking down the criminals at an art exhibit and saving the girl who is attached to explosives.

Jackie Chan plays your typical, likable cop. Chris Tucker is funny as his partner. There is also probably my favorite female character in any Jackie Chan movie in this movie, that of the beautiful bomb squad woman, Johnson, who Chris Tucker does a lot of joking around with during the movie. She’s a great person to kid around with with her dry demeanor. She saves the girl and shoots one of the criminals at the end.

The action is good. Jackie Chan has an amusing fight in a pool hall full of black people. The final fight is pretty good with lots of gun action and martial arts in an art exhibit. Jackie Chan does quite the stunt with running across a pole to catch the boss villain and falls off only to be saved by Chris Tucker.

The humor is good. Chris Tucker jokes around with everybody in the movie. Everybody else is a good straight man or woman for Chris Tucker’s antics.

The music has an oriental feel to it and is exciting. The movie mostly takes place in Los Angeles. It moves from restaurants to art exhibits. It’s not really that memorable, but it does what it is supposed to with the settings. Despite the rather average settings, the movie itself is one of the best comedy cop movies and one of Jackie Chan’s best movies, too.