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Ghost In the Shell is my tenth favorite TV show for three reasons. First it has one of my favorite female characters of all time, Major Kusanagi. Kusanagi is incredibly powerful, attractive and has good leadership abilities. She always fights for what she thinks is right and is voiced by the incredible voice actress named Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who was also the voice actress for Damian’s mother from Digimon DATA Squad and Shura, the pirate girl, from Rurouni Kenshin among other notable roles.

My second reason for liking this show a lot is it has one of the best sound tracks I have ever heard. Each opening and ending theme song is different in style and good in its own way. Inner Universe is a nice, fast paced electronic song with some interesting, foreign vocals. Lithium Flower is a good hard rocker with some guitar distortion. Rise is another fast paced opening song. Living In the Shell is the longest and slowest but also most emotionally moving of all of the theme songs. They also have a great back ground song for fight scenes called Run Rabbit Junk. I own all five songs on my Ipod.

The third reason for really liking this show is because it is the anime that got me introduced to other anime. I’ve definitely mentioned this a couple of times before with other posts, but I don’t think I could stress how influential of an anime this was to get me into a TV show genre I had never known before but was deeply engrossed in for a few years during an otherwise rather boring college experience. I have anime, rock and roll and friends to thank for keeping me going through the last several years, and it would not have been without Ghost In the Shell as the precursor.