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The main reason for liking this show a lot is the main character, Jo. I’ve definitely talked about how much I’ve liked this character before, and if you know me personally you would also know I can never stop thinking or talking about how epic I think this character is. They’re just the quintessential tomboy of anime, putting two of my favorite things together.

The sound track is great. I actually own it on hard copy and sometimes play it on the radio of my truck. It ranges from guitar to synth and includes many other things such as western and piano. The anime is very well drawn, even if the later episodes were a little rushed on the animation, which led to all of the women in the show who were usually portrayed in a positive way having bigger and bigger breasts to maintain their target audience’s attention until Jo wasn’t even flat anymore.

There is lots of gun blazing action in every episode and it moves along at a fast pace. While other animes such as Bleach liked to pussy foot around with talking and power ups, Burst Angel just cut straight to the chase. There was lots of good humor from Meg who has quite the attitude. Also, the setting was incredibly interesting to me. Putting the anime in a cyberpunk setting, which is what the world looks like more and more today really conveys an interesting atmosphere.